Shutter elegantly connects you to your clients & customers

Full control over the CSS and JavaScript controls

  • If you want to use custom CSS or a 3rd party JavaScript source, you can easily disable the built in CSS or JS.
  • This allows for the greatest flexibility with various themes. Many times, a theme will have an onboard CSS or JS that you will want to keep for uniformity.

WordPress Photo Proofing & Gallery Plugin

  • Let your customers and clients proof images with or without payment.
  • Clients can login and simply make selections and you’ll be notified. They will then have access to download the high quality files for their selected images.
  • You can also setup to have clients pay for the images they select – this is not necessary however.

Shutter adapts to your current theme and website

  • Designed from the ground up to integrate into your existing website. Shutter uses a combination of shortcodes & your existing theme.
  • Shutter is designed to be responsive so that it contributes to being viewed nicely on mobile device. A responsive theme also helps in this regard.
  • You don’t need to design another website to use Shutter, just install and get started.

Create Unlimited Galleries with Unlimited photos

  • Creation of galleries with an unlimited amount of photos.
  • Drag/Drop to change order and position of images in gallery
  • Each image has a complete set of meta information including Description, Caption & Photographer
  • You can set an individual price for each image and enable online ordering

Assign permissions to specific Galleries to specific Clients

  • You can make galleries public, private, or even specifically permission galleries to one individual client, several clients, or all clients.
  • Shutter gives you two additional WordPress roles to choose from when creating new users. These roles allow you to assign users as Gallery Viewers or Gallery Managers.
  • The Gallery Viewer role is the one you would give to your customers and clients to allow them to view galleries, choose images, and place an order online.
  • Shutter also gives you the flexibility to set all your image prices to free, thus allowing a simple client proofing system that does not require any payment. Your clients can simply choose the images they prefer, and click submit to receive a zip file of those images.

Watermark your images easily in order to protect your work

  • Shutter permits you to easily add either a text based or image based watermarks to your image previews.
  • Only the previews on the website are watermarked, and this is done with an overlay type process.
  • You can add watermark in bulk to make the process quick and easy.
  • When your clients decide and process their choices, the images they receive will be full size/quality, and will have no trace of a watermark. Untouched.

Configure your galleries with a Payment Gateway & sell your images

  • Using a payment gateway, you simply add your details as directed by Shutter, and when a client checks out and pays, the funds will be directed into your account.
  • Shutter uses IPN confirmation to ensure that the payment is verified and only then does the plugin grant permissions for the client to download full size/quality images.

Clients can select images and then download images as a ZIP file

  • You can set your order process up either as a simple proofing system where clients don’t pay, they only choose which images they like. This would be used in a simple scenario where you allowed the client to view the entire gallery, and easily choose which images they liked the best.
  • Additionally, you can set up your galleries so that each image carries a dollar value, and after the client chooses, the total dollar amount is added and the client is directed to a payment gateway to complete payment. Only after the payment is made and verified is the client able to access the full size/quality images.

Full control over image sizes for thumbnails and full size photos

  • Control of image sizes for thumbnails and full size photos.
  • You can easily set the width and height for thumbnails in your galleries.
  • Easily set the width and height of the images as they appear in the lightbox preview.
  • You can set both thumbnail and lightbox previews to crop in relation to the image ratio, or you can set to hard crop in order to get uniformity when you have various size images.